Philosophy Statement: What Makes The Perfect Classroom

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All teachers want that perfect classroom were the students feel safe and feel like they actually can learn in there, but first you need classroom managements. You cannot teach students if they do not cooperate with you. You need to be on the same level. Love your students. Understand them. Get to know them. Teaching is not only getting them to know the material but you need to always learn from them. Ask them questions . Make sure their opinion matters. I notice that mrs priester was very involved with her students and actually wanted to be there and that's what makes a classroom so mantane because if you and the kids are on the same page and understand each other, everyday will go smooth and you will see improvements from the students. I think being apart of the kids life is very…show more content…
Also having something to reward the kids for a good test grade or just being on their best behavior will show other students if they do this they can also get a prize and make the students respect the classroom and their classmates. I also believe communication is a big deal when it comes to a good classroom and how its manage, if the teacher does not address the situation correctly, it turns it to bigger issue and instead the teacher could talk to the student and tell them what they did wrong and continue and the day goes smoother. The difference between elementary and highschool is that elementary has multiple warnings, the teachers do everything for them. But they also have a way of doing everything but in high school the teachers don't give as much warnings , they are much harder on us and i don't see a lot of the same routine, highschool teachers switch it up on what they do on a daily and elementary teacher often don't because if they do a kid could get off track because that's what they are use to but as you get older and older you adapt to changes and no longer
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