Philosophy Statement on Family Partnerships

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My Parent Involvement Philosophy; parent involvement is crucial force in children’s development, learning, and success at school and in life. Parent involvement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities including ensuring that parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning; parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school; and parent involvement and communication is crucial to a classroom. (Module 2: What is Parent Involvement? Project)
Family involvement in an early childhood classroom means that families work together with caregivers and teachers to create an atmosphere that
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This is just some of them. Teachers will learn much that is applicable about the general characteristics of children at particular ages, stages and grade levels; but are effective with each child, additional information is needed. Each child comes to the classroom with a history-year of reactions, experiences, and characteristics styles of behaving that are unique. Teachers who blind effective communication with families are less likely to be frustrated while working with the many unknowns in children and are more likely to meet realistic goals for each child and support each family in reaching their own particular goals. When teachers are open to learning from families there is much knowledge about the particular aspects of living with children that can be learned. Because it is the children that bring families and teachers together, the benefits for children alone should be motivation enough to work to create effective partnerships. (Chapter 9: Informal Communication with Families)
I form a successful partnership with families that I work with by, communicating with parent that could be verbally or nonverbally with newsletters, or by a bulletin board. I create an atmosphere that is inviting and accessible for parents. For instance, greet parents as soon as they walk in the door. I invite parents to visit when it is convenient for them, not just during special events. I conduct
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