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Why? This is the specific issue that this paper will address. While there are many millions of people in the world who believe in the existence of God or Allah, Brahman, Jehovah, among other names there are also millions who do not believe in the existence of God. This dispute is an ancient one; and as Deepak Chopra points out, since we cannot see God and because He is "…nowhere and everywhere at the same time" and because he "…transcends nature… [and] leaves no fingerprints in the material world," it is easy for non-believers to challenge Christians as to God's existence (Chopra, 2000, p. 41). Christians on the other hand point to the creation of the Universe and to the natural world on Earth as evidence of a Creator's work.
The Atheist Philosophy There is no God
Bertrand Russell is one among the list of well-known philosophers, writers and intellectuals that deny the existence of God. In Russell's book, Why I Am Not A Christian: And Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects, he points out that Christians seem to believe that God created actually designed a world so that humans and animals would be comfortable in it. "And if the world was ever so little different," Russell explains, emulating the view of some Christians, "we could not manage to live in it" (Russell, 1967, pp. 9-10). But in light of Darwin's discoveries, Russell believes that "It is not that their…

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