Philosophy Term Paper : ' Twilight Of The Idols '

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Philosophy Term Paper Prompt #1 Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most examined and well-known philosophers of the modern era, critiqued the modes by which ancient more historical philosophers used their rationale. In his work, Twilight of the Idols, Friedrich Nietzsche argues that “the most general, emptiest concepts” such as “being,” “the good,” “the true,” “the perfect,” and “God,” are mistakes that come as a result of philosophers placing “what comes at the end at the beginning as the beginning” (Nietzsche 18). This may be interpreted in several different ways, one being that he believes that ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Plato, and the great Anselm of Italy later on, used a backwards logic taking abstract concepts that seem to be empty in order to make claims about physical reality. Also he may have thought that the Greeks placed too much emphasis on the soul, rather than embracing life, and what was in the moment. Rene Descartes, another famous philosopher and mathematician views on this subject would have diverged from Nietzsche’s ideas taking an approach defending the rational thought process being responsible for the conclusion of such big, broad, empty concepts. Friedrich Nietzsche, rather than Rene Descartes viewpoint on this concept of empty phrases being the basis for which we make rational conclusions on seems much more plausible, as it is based on a more exact, empirical basis. Friedrich Nietzsche, as a German philosopher living from 1844 to

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