Philosophy and Ethics on the Field

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Philosophy and Ethics My coaching philosophy will be based on athlete safety regardless off or on the field, player development not just in sport, but in themselves as a person and through education, and well-being of the athlete such as their responsibility if you were to play sport. When you are playing sport is the same thing as learning in school, you must have a positive behavior to everyone in your team and classroom. Also, if you are to play sport for the school you must do well in school so therefore you can participate in sport. When you play a sport you listen to the coaches giving out examples and then you go out to the field and executed. You must do the same thing in life with your parents' when they need help from you; you must listen and then go executed like in sport. Example: As an athlete your responsibility is to come to practice, practice hard, develop skill, and win games. As a student you have to do your homework, study for your exam, and do well in school. For a son or daughter you have to help your parents' cook, clean, and do chore around the house and get ready to go to school again. Everyone has their own responsibility to take care if you want to become an athlete, students, and a good child you must grow up. DOMAIN 2 – Safety and Injury Prevention When an athlete is hurt or injure as a coach you must know what to do and have the right decision making with the athlete if to play him or put him back into the game. You as a coach should be
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