Philosophy of Behaviorism

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Philosophy of Behaviorism Tammie Williams Columbia College Abstract For hundreds of years there has been a fascination on how humans behave and how humans learn. This has been observed and studied by psychologists, educators, and scientists by means of humans and animals and how they perform in different environments. This fascination is known as behaviorism. This aspect of behaviorism deals with how a humans or animals respond to a certain stimuli and how a new behavior is then developed. This paper will address the philosophy of behaviorism, the great contributors to behaviorism and their aspects of behavioral learning such as classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Philosophy of Behaviorism The evolution of…show more content…
Psychoanalysis is a school of thought that was founded by Sigmund Freud. This theory focuses on that behavior is influenced by the unconscious mind. Freud felt that the human mind was made up of three elements which include the id, the ego, and the superego. Eric Erikson, Carl Jung, and Anna Freud were also psychoanalysis thinkers. Humanistic psychology was developed as a response to behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Individual free will, self actualization and personal growth were focused on by humanistic psychology. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow were amongst the major humanistic psychology thinkers. Gestalt psychology is based upon that people experience things as unified wholes. This approach started in the late 19th century in Austria and Germany. This approach was a response to molecular approach of structuralism (Cherry, 2005). Gestalt psychologists felt things must be looked at as a whole rather than breaking the thought down. They believed that a whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Cognitive psychology is a school of thought which studies the mental process including how we remember, think, perceive, and learn. Philosophy, neuroscience, and linguistics are disciplines that are related to this branch of psychology. The stages of cognitive development theory by Jean Piaget were amongst the most influential theories from cognitive psychology. Philosophy of Psychology After having an understanding of each school of thought, I would have to agree more
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