Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education One of the most privileged professions in the world today is teaching. Teachers can influence the youth of a culture in a way no one else can. Teachers have the honorable responsibility of education. Students develop mentally, socially, and ethically within the realm of academic education. While in this critical stage of development, students are given the laboratory of the classroom to test themselves in ways that are more risky after graduation. Teachers play a crucial role in this laboratory. I believe that the most important way I can serve my students while fulfilling this role is to have positive expectations, to continually reflect on my teaching habits and performance, and to use literature as a way…show more content…
I will treat these students as if they will eventually change perspectives, even if they never do. Treating all students with respect, I believe that having high expectations and recognizing each student’s positive potential will contribute greatly to the students I teach. My performance as a teacher is also very important. I believe in continually reflecting on my teaching practices and improving them as I accommodate to each new class. My teaching habits, such as organization, consistency, and effective classroom management, will always need to be revised and improved to create the best classroom learning environment. Meeting national, state, regional, and school academic standards are also very important to me. As an employee of the state, I feel obligated to do my best to teach the required knowledge effectively, through creative activities that are accommodating to all learners. I hold a very high standard for myself professionally, and hope to constantly improve my teaching strategies through reflection. Through literature, students can be empowered with the knowledge that no one person could teach them. Knowledge gained through literature not only prepares students to live in a world where reading and writing proficiency are required for success, but also helps students mature emotionally, mentally, and socially. Through the middle and high school years, students
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