Philosophy of Education Essay examples

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Philosophy As Abigail Adams once said, “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attained to with diligence.” Just as students learn with ardor and diligence, teaching is also a profession learned with ardor and diligence to achieve excellence as a teacher in today’s classroom. As I have grown up in a family thriving with teachers, I have seen both lessons taught and lessons learned. Children can offer a unique reward; to see a child learn is an accomplishing and satisfying feeling. To teach is to be an intellectualist, dramatist, psychologist, and many other titles. Only teaching offers this wide range of possibilities—and what exciting possibilities these are! Teaching styles differ among…show more content…
While the nature of students may be different, I feel the purpose of education should be similar to those performing as public educators. My overall view of the purpose of education is to make those whom I teach better. Primarily, I want my students to be intellectually better when they leave my classroom. With this purpose in mind, students can form educated opinions, live prosperous lives, and contribute their views to better society and our changing world. Another overall purpose of education is to inspire. Inspiration takes the shape of many forms and the teacher can be a most powerful example. As a teacher, one of the most inspiring lessons would be making others want to teach. I was inspired to become a teacher by one of my own high school teachers. It is the example of an inspiring teacher that prods others to follow in his or her footsteps. This is a goal I hope to accomplish as a public educator. Just as the purpose of teaching public education is important to me, the method in which I choose to teach is also so. I am a firm believer in repetition. Opening a particular lesson by reviewing information previously learned allows students to form associations, draw conclusions between the information, and study more effectively for quizzes and exams. I will also be a teacher who tries to
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