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Philosophy of Education

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The Education process is one that gradually proceeds throughout life, greatly in early years and really never stops. There will always be something someone has not learned. Knowledge is a powerful tool. One of the most well-known educators in the 20th Century, Christa McAuliffe, before her tragic death said, “I touch the future, I teach.” As an educator you seek to influence each of your students. A goal, common to many new and old teachers; as well as, those who ‘hope to be” desire the ability to touch someone’s future. In the opportunity one has as an educator it is likely that the future of one immediate student or even a small part of the success of our nation will be
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The teacher can only dream that maybe he or she will be able to help a child to find his or her place in the world and make a change to the betterment of our society. In composing my philosophy I will share why I am compelled to teach and my philosophy in regard to the education process. I will also reflect on the professional aspects of my future career; as well as, the steps I will take to assure that my knowledge and ability to be an educator will suit our ever-changing society.

In my quest to find that “perfect or ideal” career I took the time to explore my thoughts on what I would like to take into the education world. In other words, what I would vision as my legacy. There are two outstanding purposes for my choosing to be an educator. The first of those reasons for selecting a career in education is the ability to be a positive influence. It is common knowledge that youth (children and teenagers) are affected greatly by the adults in their life. A teacher is one of those individuals.. I feel strongly that through this career I have the capability to influence another person in a direction to fulfill him or herself. This is attainable through actions or communication. The second reason I have for becoming an educator is the ability to share my love of subject. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. At the present time I am seeking to expand it to one which includes General
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