Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education There comes a definite time in the life of every individual when a clear and conscious comprehension of identity must be established. A person must ask himself who he is, what his personal strengths are, and what path he wishes to pursue in order to shape his future and procure his dreams. I recently found myself at such a crossroads, and I faced the decision with much ambivalence. I was influenced by my high school peers and instructors to do something “incredible” with my promising life – to pursue medical school or law school. I, however, failed to see the appeal in either and opted instead for my own variation on an incredible future. I chose to pursue not only a career, but a cause and personal…show more content…
I hope to be the teacher who learns as much from student interaction as his students respectively learn from classroom lecture. I am an avid reader and a creative writer. I love knowledge, and I adore learning in all its different forms. I am easily excited by classrooms engaged in academic learning time and by students reading books on their own volition. I am inspired by students who seem to have a genuine fervor for the subject matter presented to them. Having briefly presented some of my most rudimentary educational feelings and observations, I find it difficult and somewhat undesirable to classify myself as a complete devotee to a particular philosophy or school. There are qualities from several different educational philosophies that I feel are reflected in my own personal philosophy of education. First and foremost, I would describe myself as a supporter of perennialism; this is no great surprise, given my aspiration to teach English and literature. In perennialism, the greatest emphasis is placed on reading. I feel that reading is becoming a forgotten art, gone by the wayside; this is a thought that burdens me. I agree wholeheartedly with Robert Hutchins’s use of Great Books to educate as opposed to textbook anthologies. I feel and have always felt that standard texts dilute information and do not present good representative
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