Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education would include a classroom that supports creativity and gives students an opportunity to explore the world in the confines of four walls. Knowledge results from countless experiences and interactions throughout an individual’s lifetime. I believe the purpose of education is to allow students to discover who they are through exploring who has come before them, and what is possible for them in the future. Formal education should provide students with more than a foundation in basic disciplines. It should develop skills that will facilitate living and working in an ever-changing world; one filled with diversity. As a teacher, I would hope to illustrate to my students how vital each…show more content…
I want my future students to feel free to address any questions or concerns about the material being covered. I guess that I am a idealist because I believe that teachers are meant to be role models. They need to be encouraging, and never underestimate the abilities of their students. Teachers should give their students the same amount of respect they expect from them. When a student does well they should be praised, and when a student does poorly they should be encouraged to try harder next time. In my class, tests will be used to asses students, but it is also important to look at the all-around performance of the student. Standardized tests don’t always show the extent of knowledge gained. Other attempts will be made to monitor the overall acquired knowledge on a topic. These will include journals, class participation, and projects. Classroom management is vital to the survival of a positive classroom environment. Rules could be established in a democratic way. Ask the students what rules they think are appropriate in a classroom setting, based on rules from their previous classes. Students should feel that their opinion is important. Communication, respect, and considerate behavior will be encouraged. It is important to manage all discipline problems consistently, effectively and most importantly inside the classroom. As the teacher, it will be important to navigate behavior and promote individual growth when dealing with
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