Philosophy of Education

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My Personal Philosophy of Special Education Christina L. Richardson Grand Canyon University: SPE-529N November 18, 2012 My Personal Philosophy of Special Education As educators, we need a foundation for why we want to teach, where students with different disabilities fit in that foundation, a rationale for how we teach, and a principle that keeps us striving to be the best educators we can be. The purpose of this essay is to point out what I believe the foundation, student location, rationale, and principle are for why I want to become a teacher. Special Education Philosophy I believe every child is entitled to an education no matter what race, socio-economic status, or disability. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) ensures that every…show more content…
Think back to when these children were deemed uneducable and place in institutions; we have come a long way since then. The only way to continue moving forward is by educating ourselves and sharing that information with others. As the world and society change around us we cannot expect our teaching methods to stay the same. I will have an open mind to trying new ways to be a more effective teacher for my students. Knowledge is power and that power is what we, as educators, need to ensure that every child is receiving the best education we are able to provide. As educators, I believe we need to continue our own education through research, articles, journals, books, and experience on ways to further academic and social growth in students. I believe with teamwork, on the part of administrators and educators, we will be able to accomplish more for children with disabilities. Collaboration and co-teaching are ways that we can make the learning environment successful for all students. I will willingly and cooperatively work with anyone that can be of assistance to the child with disabilities, especially including providing information to their parents/guardians. Involving the parents will help complete the team working for the betterment of children with disabilities. This team needs to have open communication lines and a willingness to accept each others’
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