Essay on Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education School. What is school? School is something where kids go five days a week to learn new things each day. School is where they get a good education so when they get out of college they can go get a high paying job and support their family. Having an education is something that will help you when you get in the real world. Education is something that has helped me to pursue my dream, which is to go to college and get a job as a teacher, which was influenced by my father. In my paper I plan to tell you about my views of nature of knowledge, purpose of education, why education is important, what I want to accomplish as a teacher, what one want the students to accomplish, methods, discipline, and curriculum.…show more content…
An example to show you that the (truth) knowledge never changes is while going through school I had a history class each year. I learned most of the same things I learned the year before but I always learned at least on more thing about that topic. That shows that knowledge is absolute. The purpose of education to me is to teach kids good morals, help them be the best students they can be, and that the students will learn something new that will help them in the world today. The reason I believe this is because when these students get out in the real world there going to be running our country , they need to have good morals and to be properly educated. Education is important to me because, you need to be educated so you can get a high paying job, get around in the world and support you family if you chose to have one. Many people today, especially where I'm from. They will either decide they don't want to go to college and stay home and get a job in the coal mines, or get a two year degree, so they don't have to stay in school for to long. I finally believe it is better to get a four-year degree and get paid more money and having an easy job (physically speaking) than somebody who has no education and has to work extremely hard physically and gets poor pay. I think it's good that some people does decide to work in the coal mines, because some people are trying to support there families, but there is no job security. If you go to
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