Essay on Philosophy of Education

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According to my knowledge the word "philosophy" is the study and understanding of knowledge in relevance to studying the wisdom of the universe. The word "education" is the act of developed knowledge. When put together the phrase, "philosophy of education," has extremely deep meaning within the context of knowledge. Therefore, before I can accurately state my position on the issue, I must examine my past, present and future experiences with knowledge.

My view on education and my experience with knowledge was very sheltered until I came to Ball State University. My education was developed through private schooling from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. Throughout those eighteen years I was trained for the moment I am
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I feel that all men and women are equal no matter what cultural background they come from or faith they entrust upon. Everyone has an opinion and contribution that should be viewed as significant. No one person is an island, meaning that we as members of society feed off of each other in our own development, especially in this modern technological world we live within. Toni Morrison summarized it best in her written work, "Black Matters", where she states her belief that the African culture and people effect the progress of literature in the White society by the fact of existing in the same society known as the American culture (Morrison 256). This idea of race relation is significant and a multicultural issue that is very much existent in the classroom today. Multiculturalism is a young, recently developed idea in the educational system and is growing just as rapidly as the multicultural American society does on a daily basis. The nation is learning to accept and is no longer suppressing its people with the notion of the melting pot or assimilation. The minority population is holding on to its ethnic roots and adding to it the diverse culture of America. Instead of losing or giving up their identity the people are keeping true to their past in their hearts while developing their mind’s as an American. The students of today and tomorrow possess these distinct and different qualities and beliefs, which educators are now realizing and learning to adapt
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