Essay about Philosophy of Health

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Philosophy of Health

What makes a healthy person? Surely it is more than just exercising and eating right. When we say healthy aren't we referring to more than just being physically fit and not having any diseases or ailments. But what else is there that makes a person truly healthy? I think that while this physical description of healthy is a good start, there is far more to the story than this. For one to be considered truly healthy I believe that every aspect of their life must be looked at and addressed with the intention of making that person the best person that they can be.
First and foremost is one's spiritual health, which is the foundation on which the other aspects of that person's life are built. In order that one have
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Finally, ones physical health does play an important role in their overall wellness. This aspect, while not necessarily as intrinsically important as the other aspects can play a determining role in those areas and so is essential to one's complete health. Obviously this is the most immediately changeable part of one' life and can be altered in many different ways, none of which are terribly difficult and most of which bring relatively quick results. All it takes to Improve this area of a person's health is the determination to do it and a simple plan of how to do so. Included in this plan can be changes in diet, exercise habits and even sleep habits.
Together, health in these aspects of one's life can make a drastic difference in that persons overall outlook and attitude toward life, others and themselves. Therefore it is important that we each do our best to change those parts of our lives which need it and to encourage others as they attempt to so the same.
So how should we live our lives if we want to be an all-around healthy person? What are some choices which we should and should not make if we want to be the best person we possibly can be? Well, I believe that these questions are probably answered differently by each person, but that these answers can be discovered in much the same way no matter who you are. Personally, I can look back and see numerous decisions which I have made in the past
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