Philosophy of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing The environment in which the patients are in plays a big role in their healing process. Florence Nightingale founded her nursing theory and philosophy on enhancing environmental factors to improve the patients overall health, healing and well-being. Nightingale's attention to environment has added significance to the role environmental conditions play in human health status (Shaner, 2006). In Nightingale’s book, Notes of Nursing, she reflects on how air and water quality, noise, light, and diet and nutrition enhance the healing process. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is similar to Nightingale’s theory of nursing. They both believed that one’s basic needs must be met before they could achieve an optimal level of…show more content…
Providing manager of care employs that you have to manage patient care delivery and appropriately delegate care. Nightingale practically invented delegation of nursing care. She believed that in order to ensure quality of care, appropriate nursing interventions should be delegated. Within the responsibility of delegation, Nightingale believed the one who delegated the task was ultimately held accountable for that specific nursing intervention. I believe that under the right circumstances and with the right personnel, delegation proves to ensure total quality care. Everyone who participates in the delegated task should fully agree and understand what the task entails. The RN assigned to a particular patient with delegated tasks is ultimately held accountable for each action. Nightingale was a member within the profession of nursing as she was a founder and changed the face of the nursing profession. She utilized ethical behaviors based on the Code of Ethics for Nurses when providing care. She believed that you should uphold your ethical standards when treating patients, to do no harm to them, and to treat them with respect and veracity. According to Nightingale’s assumptions, the nurse should be observant and confidential (Parker 2006). Confidentiality should always be practiced when treating the patient. Only persons directly involved in that particular patient’s care should know what is going on with that

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