Philosophy of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing
Alicia Hanford
Elms College

Philosophy of Nursing I remember at a young age telling my mother that I wanted to be a nurse just like her, she told me to choose a different path. Her response surprised me but did not stop me from pursuing my dream. I am passionate about being a nurse and what that role means. With recent frustrations with others in this profession I finally understood why my mother told me to choose a different path. I have always believed that being a nurse is an honor, that we are the voice of not only our patients but the communities they come from. When you continually work by those who do not share those beliefs and values it can break you. A nurse that truly cares and understands how
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For me that is what health is and my definition of health in that way guides me in how I can care for my patients. I know that not all patients can be cured of illness so it important for me to provide my patient with the care and tools to live their life to their highest quality.
There is a reason that nurses are required to report abuse, we are the voices for those who cannot speak, and we are our community’s advocates. I feel it our duty as nurses to educate communities on health promotion and prevention. It is our duty as nurses to educate the government on what is affecting our communities and advocate for improvements. Nursing is providing hope, it is initiating change, and it is lifestyle; not a job.
I feel that being a nurse gives me the opportunity to be involved in as many aspects of nursing as I can and to make a difference in as many ways possible. I am not entirely sure where I want my nursing career to take me but I do know I want to change things. I have only been a nurse for eleven years but in that time I have seen a dramatic change in the morale of our nurses and the confidence that our community has in us. With healthcare reform and continuing economic decline I see this to be only getting worse. I feel that it our responsibility as nurses to remember where we came from. How it was in the beginning for nurses and what nurses as a group were able to accomplish together. We have forgotten

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