Philosophy of Science in Social Research

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The philosophical study of social research is an important dimension of social science which has been placed to analyze the problems of social science description and its relationships. Philosophy of social science deals with the generalized meaning of the thing & centered on the sharing of experience about the social world in which people’s perspective differs from one another. The various approaches analyze the social research on the basis of three grounds: Thematic analysis, meta-narratives and mini-narratives and lastly, cause-effect analysis. The changing pattern of the philosophical foundations continuously enriches itself with new dimensions and views about social world. Approaches of philosophy of science in social research…show more content…
* Criticism: Rationalism does not make any difference between observational and theoretical statements whereas all observations are theory dependent. Functionalism: Functionalism is the metaphysical theory of mind and human behaviorism which suggests that mental status is constructed solely through their functional role. Functionalism is the doctrine that social institutions and practices can be understood in term of functions they carry out in sustaining the larger social system. * Criticism: Functionalism has been criticized in two major ways: first, it has been accused of reductionism; secondly, functionalism is implicitly conservative. Structuralism: Structuralism has emerged in the second half of the twentieth century in academic arena which concerned with the analysis of language, culture and society from structural perspective. The basic principles of structuralism consist of analyzing social events to discover the synchronic structures which makes possible hierarchical pattern and these are typically broken down into various units such as codes, rules of combinations etc. Utilitarianism: Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy that suggests that the rightness of action, policy or institution can be established by its tendency to promote happiness. * Criticism: Utilitarianism has been
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