Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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Philosophy of Teaching

As a future English teacher, my main priority is to share the wealth of opportunities and possibilities that an education in English can provide to a student. Given this task, I’ve begun to develop the guidelines by which my teaching will adhere. Although I still have much to learn, what follows is a simple framework for the ideals that I currently support. Not only do I expect these guidelines to change as I learn more about my students and myself, I look forward to the improvements that may stem from these growths.

Currently, the first edition of my philosophy of teaching revolves around three main objectives. First, I’d like my classroom to rely heavily on student participation and cooperative learning. A
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In doing so, my class will be able to encourage each other and benefit from their peers’ work when seen through their cultural backgrounds. When we invite our students’ lives into the classroom, we create a community of not only students, but also friends and neighbors, and most importantly, valuable authors with meaning in their work.

Finally, in terms of learning, I feel that my students will gain more from my class and their lessons if they can take ownership of their work. In order to accomplish this, we will explore many genres and forms of literature so that the students may choose for themselves which variety they enjoy the most. From this will stem reading and writing assignments and workshops in which the students will hopefully feel motivated to participate in given that they chose their genre and piece of literature themselves. Additionally, in terms of writing, I feel that students will learn best if they are first comfortable with what they’re writing, rather than how they’re writing. When the ideas come first, a student can feel in control of what they’re trying to convey and worry about the grammatical aspects later when it’s time to "polish" the piece. Furthermore, I also feel that students learn best by example and therefore I will always try to read and write with my students whenever possible. Hopefully, after seeing my work, they will feel more comfortable taking chances with their own understandings of the readings and the
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