Philosophy of Technology Integration Essay

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Over the past few years technology has taken on a whole new meaning. We have moved from the days of chalkboards, to whiteboards, to interactive whiteboards. Our students seem to be more computer savvy than their teachers. Home telephones are starting to become a thing of the past, and cell phones have turned into mini-computers. Technological geniuses have even tried to eliminate books by creating electronic books, for example the Kindle and Nook. It has become pretty evident that being technologically smart is a necessity in today's world. In the past, technology was something that was only used in our homes and by the wealthy. However, this has become a thing of the past. Classrooms have become more interactive and lessons seem to be…show more content…
I have always been a firm believer in the utilization of technology on regular occasions, in my classroom. My students are given opportunities to use many different types of technology, such as; Smart Boards, Airliner Wireless Slates, Classroom Performance Systems, Document Cameras, and of course computers. I believe that in order for our students to be successful in today's workplace, computer literacy is a necessity. My philosophy on technology is this, in order for us and our students to be competitive in today's workforce, we must be sure to educate our students on how to properly use it. The most commonly used form of technology, in our classrooms, is the computer. In order for the computers to be used correctly, and computer time to be used effectively students must adhere to the guidelines set in place. The following guidelines, from Betty Kistler would be great to post in at the computer stations in the classroom;
(1) Keep your hands off the keyboard and mouse until you know what we're doing.
(2) Work quietly and stay on task. Make every effort to do your best.
(3) Spell-check and proofread before printing. (make sure to get approval from your teacher before printing)
(4) Get permission if you want to use the internet for anything other than the day's assignment. (give students with permission a brightly colored card)
(5) Leave your workspace the way you'd like
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