Philosophy of W.E.B. DuBois versus Booker T. Washington Essay

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Women should not have the chance for an academic education. They should be trained to cook, clean, and take care of children. What better way would a woman help society? Would she help her neighbor more by teaching them mathematics they will never use or by helping their neighbor raise children? This is similar to what Booker T. Washington claimed about African Americans. He stated that the African Americans should attend vocational schools rather than receive an academic education so they could better further social change. W.E.B DuBois had a different approach to further social change by stating that some African Americans should go to academic schools, while others had trades, and some were considered fools who cannot learn.…show more content…
However, there were two different views at this time, Washington completely disagreed and wanted the African Americans to go to vocational school and learn trades so they are better able to help one another. He stated that “it is better to know how to lay bricks to help a person in need rather than have the ability to speak Greek to them.” Though both men had the same goal, they wanted to accomplish it in extremely different ways. The way to accomplish any goal is by teaching students as much as we can. In this case, we can teach them academics and trades. We can do this by Dewey’s principle of learn by doing. For example, the students would be able to learn arithmetic by playing store and it would also be a vocational trade. This material would help the students in the future regardless of the path that they choose later in life. I will encourage all of my students to follow whatever they wish to achieve. We all have our place in this world. Everyone has a contribution in this world to make, even African Americans. DuBois continually stressed this to his fellow black community in his book The Souls of Black Folk. What they learn in schools will help the students determine what they will do further in life. If they choose to be the “talented ten” and choose academics, the black world will need them. African Americans need other African Americans to fill all occupations that a white man would. “Who

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