Philosophy of love and sex-Nozik & Dworkin

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A Nozick and Dworkin comparison
Philosophy of Love and Sex

This paper compares and contrasts the philosophical views of two thinkers: Robert Nozick and Andrea Dworkin on the subject of Romantic Love (Eros / Being in Love). By romantic love, Nozick and Dworkin are referring to the possibility of two individuals sharing a single identity: in other words, what Nozick calls love’s bond and Dworkin calls communion. Where Nozick and Dworkin differ is over the value of the pursuit of this identity by lovers. How do Dworkin and Nozick feel about the pursuits of romantic identification by a lover and should this pursuit be unrequited? In Love’s Bond by Nozick and Communion by Dworkin, we see that
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234). This allows for a true formation of the “WE” complex of the intimate relationship; one that is a merge of the “ME” and “YOU” compounds. b- One becomes an expert at meeting the other’s need: The second Good of Loves Bond as stated by Nozick is that one becomes an expert at meeting their beloved’s needs; this concept is a subset of the “US” and “WE” compound. When the lover becomes an expert at meeting the needs of the beloved, he/she gives the lover the capacity to care about the beloved and vice versa, which in turn lengthens one’s life. This ability to generate compassion and care allows for the strengthening of the “WE” complex. According to Nozick, this allows the lover to love the beloved as a whole; the lovers characteristics become about of the “WE” and “US” complex, thus, increasing happiness, comfort and thereby, life expectancy. c- giving up on searching for a new prospective beloved. The final or third good of Love’s Bond is giving up the search for a new beloved. Nozich says: “A readiness to trade up, looking for someone with ‘better’ characteristics, does not fit with an attitude of love” (p. 234). This conception is built around the fact that forming a “WE” bond takes up a great deal of effort both partners. Therefore, when one has finally established a true “WE” bond; he/she has a higher return on investment staying
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