Philosopy of Nursing

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Assignment #2
Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing 324
Athabasca University
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Philosophy of Nursing For centuries the development of nursing knowledge has been influenced by numerous theorists and their respective theories. These theories have influenced, and continue to influence, nursing education, practice and research. (Johnson & Webber, 2005) Although theorists have been the essence of sense-making in nursing, I believe all of us as nurses can, and should, be actively involved in the sense-making process. It is
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Very good opening to paper and introduction to philosophy and relationship to nursing theory Good use of reference support in APA format Well stated purpose and overview of paper
Definition of Nursing In order to explore my philosophy it is important that I be aware of how I would define nursing. “Definitions of nursing, like nursing itself, are dynamic; nursing is constantly evolving to meet new needs and take account of new knowledge.”(Clark, 2003, add p. # for direct quote)

As an obstetrical nurse in the 21st century, I view family centered care as the focus in relation to my commitment to partnering with clients, their families and the multidisciplinary team. As such, I would define nursing as the ability to use knowledge and clinical judgement to provide holistic, competent and safe care to patient’s both healthy and sick, drawing on that partnership as needed. Well stated in own words definition of nursing reflecting own practice I also believe that nursing is about empowering patients through teaching and positive reinforcement, giving them the autonomy to direct their own recovery or health maintenance. In doing so I believe that we are respecting their individuality and dignity. Although nursing changes as new knowledge and theories emerge, what I believe to be the core, a commitment to care, remains intact. That commitment to care is the underlying premise that enables me, as a nurse, to set nursing goals.

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