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PHILIOSPHY OF NURSING This philosophy of nursing is assimilation of the author’s beliefs in regards of the metaparadigm through experience and understanding of knowledge. The author looks at the fundamental level, a theory which encompasses all or most theories. Attempts to view the theory as an interplay of energy, while looking at it in an atomic level. With the patient being the nucleus the primary structure and concentration of high energy while health and environment as different valence rings each holding electrons which are constantly moving in all possible directions all while orbiting around the nucleus. The space between the nucleus and the valence rings is nursing the spatial potential energy which unites the structure creating…show more content…
Illness is an aberration of health however they co-exist on the same plane. At the fundamental level of health is consciousness once again, subsequently health therefore is a manifestation of internal energy onto the external plane (George, 2011, p. 438). It could be considered as an extension of the person’s energy field. The writer believes that health is energy directed in a positive direction to facilitate conscious expansion into higher states to give the individual greater understanding. Unfortunately there are terminal aberrations in health however this does not mean the person(s) undergoing this aberrations is not deemed healthy, the focus is just shifted from a healthy physical state to one of a healthy spiritual state. Environment The foundation of environment as understood by the author is laid by Martha E. Rogers, in that it is the totality of the present pandimensional reality relative to space-time. Environment is unique to each form of energy perceiving it even if that material environment is cohabitated. It encompasses all attributes of the individual physiological, psychological and spiritual in their presenting state. Intangibles such as cultural belifes, morals, values, even religion and religious limitations are incorporated into the enviroment since they are affecting space-time perception of the individual. Humans are an integral part of the environment and the environment integral part of the human (Garon, 2011).

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