Phineas Journey Study Guide

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Phineas and his journey
Phineas grew up with a brother named Ferb, they loved each other. They build crazy things that you could not believe, But Phineas was the kid who talked a lot. Ferb really did not talk that much, not even to his brother. Phines was always building something every day, but did you not think he had a sister. His sister was always trying to get them into trouble. There sister was mean and rude to everyone, she is not that nice. Phineas wakes up around 7:00 every day. Phineas what's to build a rocket, one day, and his sister finally got them caught.

Phineas and ferb’s parents were really mad, they rocket fell on the hose to, so there parents sent them to military school. They were there for about 45 days, then there sister
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He took him to his lab, 3 hours later Phineas had woke up. When Phineas woke up, he was tied up. Phineas tried to get out, but he couldn't. The evil scientist came in, and Phineas said Dr. Planten. Phineas said what are you doing with me. He had some chemicals, that he needed to test out on someone. Ferb thought that Phineas was outside for a will so he went to go look for him.

Ferb know he was missing, so went and got his parents. His parents called the cops, and they went looking for them. Ferb was sad, he thought he was gone. Back at the lab, the evil scientist wanted to test the chemicals. So he grabbed this weird blue kinda chemical. And made him drink it, but went he tried to give it to Phines, he spit it out. Nothing happened to Phoenix though.

So the scientist had to make a new chemical, that would take him about 2 hours. Back home Ferb was trying to think about where he could be. His family was desperate to find him. Ferb started thinking about the doctor, how he looked suspicious. His family got in the car, and went to the hospital. When they got to the hospital they asked were the doctor was, who gave Phines the cast. The people who work there had know I idea where he

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