Phishing Is A Social Engineering Luring Technique

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Phishing is a social engineering luring technique, in which an attacker aims to steal sensitive information such as credit card information and online banking passwords from users. Phishing is carried over electronic communications such as email or instant messaging. In this technique, a replica of the legitimate sites is created, and the users are directed to the Phishing pages where it’s required for the personal information. As phishing remains a significant criminal activity that causes great loss of money and personal data. In respond to these threats, a variety of Anti-Phishing tools was released by software vendors and companies. The Phishing detection technique used by industries mainly includes attack tracing, report generating filtering, analysing, authentication, report making and network law enforcement. The toolbars like spoof guard, trust watch, spoof stick and Net-craft are some of the most popular Anti-Phishing toolbars services that are used. The W3C has set some standards that are followed by most of the legit websites, but the phishing site may not develop these standards. There are certain characteristics of URL and source code of the Phishing site based on which we can guess the fake site. The goal of this paper is to compare different methods that are used to determine the phishing web pages to safeguard the web users from attackers. In [2] lexical signature is extracted from a given web page based on several unique terms that is used as a dataset
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