Phl 458 Week 2

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Solve a Problem PHL/458 September 5, 2013 Solve a Problem Challenges are all around us. Sometimes we face easy challenges and other times we face difficult challenges. In order to solve a problem, regardless of its level of difficulty, one must think critically and creatively in order to develop a satisfactory solution. As we try to solve the problems of our daily lives, it is important to examine any and all ideas. From the most mundane to the most radical, it is a healthy activity to express all ideas and do the filtering later. This paper will attempt to discuss and solve a problem I have some personal experience with. “It is one thing to have thinking skills and quite another to use them in everyday situations”…show more content…
The third piece was the easiest to remove and replace. It did not have a direct impact but it was still a possibility due to some interconnecting cables that could have been damaged. Now that we had our plan and we were certain that these three parts would rule out approximately 95% of the possible problems, I presented the ideas up the chain of command for approval. On an average day this approval process could take hours depending on the nature of the work. Sometimes it was necessary to shut down the ship’s engines to perform maintenance or slow down the speed of the ship in case technicians would be climbing the ships mast. On this day though, we almost immediately received notice that we were figuratively steering and controlling the ship. We were now the priority on the ship and anything we needed would be done so immediately. By the time we replaced the second part we suspected, powered the equipment back on, and tested its functionality, we were fully operational and still had one hour to spare before launch. Both the technician and I received medals for our performance under such high pressure. When we returned from the Persian Gulf, I sat down with a number of highly ranked officers from the ship and we discussed ways that this could have been avoided in the future. One of the most obvious was to have physical redundancy. The expense would still be very high but it would eliminate this happening again. As we discussed other options, I
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