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Famous Thinkers PHL/458 Famous Thinkers Many famous thinkers have made an impact on society; however, none as much as Dr. King; a people’s man or Warren Buffet; a businessman. After an in-depth analysis of the thinkers and their contributions one will identify the problems each sought to solve, the solutions each found, and implementation of those solutions. Moreover, exploration of each thinker’s social, political, and personal environments will show how those factors contributed to their respective creativity. Additionally, a comparison of their unique creative processes, a critique of their ideas, and thoughts of different approaches will come forth through further exploration. Contribution to Society Martin Luther King, Jr.…show more content…
At a young age he had the drive and work ethic to make money. He was influenced to by his father who was a stock broker and bought stock at the age of 11. He finished his M.S. in Economics from Columbia Business School where his studied under Benjamin Graham and Phil Fisher. When working at Benjamin Graham’s partnership, he thought the guidelines of investment were too stringent, he felt there were opportunities for higher profits but company guidelines inhibited potential profits. After leaving Graham partnership, he was involved with 6 partnerships. Warren Buffet went on to organize the sale of his partnerships, ultimately securing his job as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He used his critical thinking skills to build Berkshire Hathaway. One of his abilities is the ability to identify talent and recruitment of talent. Warren Buffet believes that gossiping, lying, breaking agreements, becoming defensive, feeling entitled, and withholding key information slows down the decision making process (Market, 2011). These are the key fundamentals that have made Warren Buffet a success. Problems or Issues Both Dr. King and Warren Buffett are gifted thinkers, whose ideas have impacted society and been influential in many people’s lives. Dr. King looked at a world that seemed to value “things” over people and did his best to change this. He was not content with his circumstances or those of the African American race but
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