Phlebotomist: Medicine and Health Care Support Essay

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Phlebotomist April L. Rosser Ivy Tech Community College Phlebotomist I have always wanted to work in health care and help people but I did not want to be a nurse or directly involved in individualized health plans. I wanted to work behind the scenes. I became a CPhT and went to work right away at my local hospital. Life was wonderful! I was helping sick people feel better and doing something worthwhile that came along with the means to help support my family comfortably. Then that dreadful day came, and I was laid off due to budget cuts. I decided I needed more education and that I could still have a career in health care. I only needed to find what was right for me. I wanted a career that would not be cut. I knew that this would…show more content…
As CPT I will deal with crying children, upset parents, dementia patients, maybe even pregnant teenagers. My priority will be to give them the best attention and care and to treat them all as I would want to be treated. My scope of practice will includes setting up all blood collection equipment and supplies necessary on a tray, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric fingersticks, and venipuncture’s, and neonatal heelsticks for inpatient and outpatient customers. I will also be responsible for labeling, preserving, packaging, and possibly, transporting blood specimen to the lab for analysis. I will also be expected to enroll in continuing education courses, and recertification programs to maintain my phlebotomist credentials once I am certified through the ASCP. Once certified I will have to keep my certification current by completing continuing education hours. According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification,, (2012), qualifications may be revalidated every three years by completing 6 contact hours of acceptable continuing education in the area of qualification or 3 contact hours of acceptable continuing education in the area of qualification and 3 contact hours of other education such as employer based programs or courses (unpaid), college coursework, and workshops, just to name a few. Continuing education and other activities must be completed between the date the qualification was issued and the date

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