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How would you feel if I dropped a big hairy Tarantula down the back of your neck? What would you do if I took you in a plane until cars and trucks below looked like ants? Would you scream, yell or cry? Would you be left feeling nauseas, or unable to move. Would you hyperventilate and suffer a serious heart attack right there siting on your chair? If you would, you may have a phobia. A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear. Everybody suffers from some kind of fear, everybody in the WORLD suffers from some kind of fear. Except Chuck Norris, he doesn’t have fears, fears have Chuck Norris. Most fears start fron scary events/thing that occur in the sufferers childhood. For example, About 100 years ago, my Great Nana Letty at the age…show more content…
So I went all cave man and “barefooted” it up to the front door. I turned the handle with no hesitation. A gust of cold southerlies smashed into my face. I forgot to tell you I had Agroaphobia. I thought “ I could never leave the house. That’s just too dangerous” But according to Franklin D Roosevelt” the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” so I stood up, held my head high . I was nervous, but on the surface I looked calm and ready to.. Unfortunately after stepping outside I had to make a quick visit back inside to change my pants.. Yeah…. But I made it, after a while I was on my way down the road when I came across the neighbours duck pond . I froze, it hit me. A vivid memory shot through my head. I had Anatidaephobia. I’ve had it since a young lad. It all started when my family was having a quiet picnic in western springs, Auckland. I did nothing wrong, I was minding my own business, in fact I was peacefully munching on a hm, lettuce and mayo sandwich at the park table. It was so vicious and aggressive. It flew strait into me and stole the only thing I was looking forward to after that hard work out on the monkey bars. Ive been frightened of them ever since Its long neck, beady eyes, webbed feet.. ugh.. I can picture it now. As I said, I had Anatidaephobia…now don’t laugh, I had the fear that somewhere somehow a duck was watching me. Im Going to speak more on this specific phobia, but before I

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