Phobias : What Do Spiders, Water, Elevators, Mice And Heights Have? Common?

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What do spiders, water, elevators, mice and heights have in common? You might think nothing, but you would be very wrong. Those are just some of the most common types of phobias that people suffer from. It a nut shell, a phobia is a fear of an object or situation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something dangerous. For example, a phobia I know a lot of us suffer from would be public speaking. See? Not very dangerous physically, but can be very stressful because of the extreme anxiety it can cause in some people. In this essay, we will cover a few of the key points and hopefully learn a little more generalized information on phobias, how they affect people, and some things maybe we can do to help minimize our fears. Without…show more content…
Now we come to the third category. Fear of open spaces. In this writers opinion this one is the worst. It can severely impact how one lives their day to day life. Could you imagine not being able to step outside of your home? In over 12 years? Unfortunately that does happen to people. The term they use for this is Agoraphobia. This literally means “the fear of leaving home or a safe place”. While once again, no physical harm comes with this, the mental toll it can take on someone is not to be underestimated. Anxiety is bad as it is, but the extreme anxiety of one who suffers from Agoraphobia is even worse. It usually starts with a more mild panic attack which then makes the person fear having another type of panic attack while away from the home. This obviously leads them to not want to leave their home, constantly fearing another attack and avoiding anything that might trigger one. So now that we have covered a brief overview of the different categories of phobias, what are some tall tale signs you might be suffering from a phobia? Are there any classic signs or symptoms people suffer from? Yes, yes there is. Pretty much no matter what category or phobia you suffer from, you can expect everyone to share a few of the symptoms. Some of the most common are uncontrollable panic, doing everything you can do to avoid an object or situation you
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