Phoebe And Micah Essay

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Phoebe and Micah have much in common with many historical figures. Phoebe for example, is very similar to Vera Rubin, Amelia Earhart, and Frida Kahlo. Micah shares many traits with Maximilian Kolbe, Miley Cyrus, and Stephen Colbert.
This book is about two kids, Phoebe Plumm and Micah Tanner, who live in a world where almost everything is made by a metal and technology company called The Foundry. Phoebe is the daughter of a CEO at the company and Micah is the son of one of the maids who works for the Plumms. One day aon one of Mr. Plumm’s visits home, a group of men kidnaps him. Phoebe and Micah decide to set off and try to rescue him, the journey leds them to a mysterious place where there are no people but instead sentient metal animals.They find out that the Foundry is taking the animals, killing them, and turning them into products to sell. With the help of a metal monkey-like creature named Dollop, the three set off on an adventure. Phoebe and Vera Rubin don’t have much in common personality wise, but they were both ridiculed for being women who were interested in some sort of science.Both women also accomplish many things throughout their lifetimes.Rubin was an astrophysicist and, much like Phoebe, was
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Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, she showed people that women could do anything a man cold do.It’d be easy for Phoebe to learn how to be more confident by spending time with Amelia. Phoebe was the first person to stand up to The Foundry, rescue someone who’d been taken and live to tell the tale, showing the animals that freedom was a possibility. Phoebe and Micah don’t tell anyone when they set off on their adventure, so they’re essentially missing persons in the eyes of the world, much like Earhart who disappeared while trying to circle the globe in

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