Phoebe Bridgers 'Stranger In The Alps' Analysis

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Phoebe Bridgers’ debut album, Stranger in the Alps brings listeners in touch with their innermost feelings through hauntingly beautiful melodies and dark, heartbreaking lyrics. Inspired by artists (now friends) such as Conor Oberst and Julien Baker, this L.A. native’s blend of folk, pop, and rock tells stories of relationships, loneliness, and the impact of both on our interactions with ourselves and others. She has gotten the attention of songwriters like Ryan Adams, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, and Hayley Williams of Paramore. Adams even stated that the feelings he gets listening to Bridgers are the same as when he listens to Bob Dylan. Is there any higher praise than a Dylan comparison? The opening track, “Smoke Signals”, is filled…show more content…
The track deals with the aftermath of a death of a friend and the pain that comes with it. With such a personal story like this, an intimate connection between the singer and audience is developed. The lines, “Wishing I was someone else/ Feeling sorry for myself/ And I remembered someone’s kid is dead” hit you with with reality and are possibly the most powerful on the whole record. Some of the tracks make you wonder if the twenty two year old singer songwriter is okay and for me it was “Killer”. The main theme of the song is about the lack of control people have over others and the loneliness felt when feelings are not reciprocated by those we love. Two tracks on the album contain a more upbeat instrumental sound compared to the rest. The faster tempo and electric guitar heard in “Motion Sickness” and the duet with Conor Oberst in “Would You Rather” are probably the most cheerfully arranged on the record and stand out in contrast to the slower paced piano ballad, guitar plucking, and acoustic songs like “Georgia”,“Demi Moore”, and “Scott Street”. The authenticity in Stranger in the Alps proves Bridgers’ integrity as a songwriter. Her somber lyrics combined with beautiful melodies truly make this record stand out, especially as a debut. This darker folk rooted album is just in time for the depressing months of fall and winter, so stock up on tissues. I’m looking forward to see what Phoebe Bridgers comes out with next, but in the meantime you can catch her opening for War On Drugs this
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