Phoenicians: The Backbone to History

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Phoenicians: The Backbone to History
Phoenicia is an underrated culture that achieved many accomplishments, yet many people today do not even know who they are which is a great shame. Even though the civilization is rarely spoken about or researched on a scale paralleled to major empires that were rapidly rising, it still was extremely successful and impacts lives today. The Phoenicians did everything from construct the basis for the alphabet to creating the eye popping purple that is used throughout the world today, they were experienced and well trained sailors of the sea, and most of all were dominant leaders of trade. Not only did a small ancient civilization set up along the coast of the Mediterranean reveal to the world things mankind was oblivious to but created many things that impact the world today. Phoenicia was a success because they made a landmark on many countries and even helped the growth of businesses of many empires in their trading; constructed the basis for the alphabet we use today and also traded prolific amounts of purple dye and many other goods that are now commonly used around the world. The changes of the religion that was constantly being decided upon in the empire pointed the mid-eastern countries into the direction of the religion they use today.
The Phoenicians fully emerged on the map around 1400 B.C. (Malaspina 19) and exploited until the early 300s B.C. Around this time period many of the European empires and Asia Minor were expanding.

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