Phoenix Jackson Myths

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A worn path is a story full of strong mythological figures, but the one we see the most is the phoenix. The phoenix is a very large bird with coloring of scarlet and gold, we are told that Phoenix Jackson has gold coloring. From her appearance and also name we can actually tell that Phoenix is the physical embodiment of the mythological creature the phoenix. We have found that the most amazing power that the phoenix has is determination.
Phoenix's appearance also clues us into the fact that she is a phoenix.She is said to have a golden color and she is wearing a red rag on her head. These two colors are actually the colors that Egyptians believed that phoenixes were in their legends.The way that Phoenix is described also clues us into the fact that she resembles a phoenix in the way that she is described as being very old. It is a common characteristic of the phoenix to mature to a very old age, bursting into flames, and then being reborn from the ashes. Almost all of her characteristics can be traced back to the way that a phoenix is commonly described. Phoenixs name is the biggest clue as to what she symbolizes.
Phoenix is an amazing woman with an equally amazing willpower.We never once see her give up. Not even when she can not remember why she has came to the doctors office.She did not
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Some examples are that she was referred to as a charity case,the other woman acting strangely towards her because she asked for some assistance tying her shoe, and the hunter mocking her with the gun. Phoenix had done nothing wrong to them, but she rose up from the ashes of disappointment and grew even stronger against the criticism and what the others had to say. She just ignored their comments as she knew that she need to complete the journey for her grandsons very important medication or that his throat could swell again and could cause serious
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