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Phoenix Simulation Essay 2017

Although the Saturday at Phoenix Simulation was full of fun, friends, and imaginative stations, there was no other station that represented the hallmark of “days that changed the world” than Camp Feenicks, with the greatest attention to detail and simple objective while managing to emphasize this year’s theme.
There was only one thing that everyone noticed as we walked through the Black Box Theater: this camp looked like the real deal! The dim lighting and ambient sounds of river flow and crickets through the surround-sound speakers gave us the sensation of a peaceful night out under the stars. This was combined with a crackling fire meticulously strung together with sticks, vibrant construction paper, and surreal …show more content…

Camp Feenicks was based off the card game “Mafia”, a classic for teenagers at any birthday party and also a terrific way to find out how much your friends don’t trust you. Much like the card game, every tent was assigned a specific role in the camp, unbeknownst to the other tents. Every night, the medics would heal, the police would banish, and the werewolves would scare off an unsuspecting tent. Then in the morning, we would all gather outside, a tent would be scared off, and through a heated debate and a flurry of finger-pointing, the tents would all vote to banish one that they thought secretly held a blood-thirsty werewolf. The key was to look for the specific body language of other tents as well as their responses to a wave of questions in order to get a better sense of what the identities of the players were. This constant bombardment of accusations through the simple objective of getting rid of the werewolf kept the entire room constantly alert and engaged in the situation. Because everyone was always involved, Camp Feenicks also secured itself as the single best station not only because of its attention to detail but also because of its straightforward …show more content…

As Sun Tzu once said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and in a hundred battles you will never be in peril”. Statistically, there was only a minuscule chance of unanimously voting out the werewolf tent. However, if you were not afraid to ask questions, analyze the characteristics of the other groups, and use rhetoric to persuade others to follow in your footsteps, then you were the best suited to complete the task. Every new day was a day that changed the world or, in this case, the camp and it relied on the cooperation and deductive reasoning of each of the tents to decide on which tent smelled of a little more werewolf than the others. Camp Feenicks, therefore, suggested that you must seek knowledge before making decisions because every move you make will have a significant impact on the future. This global connection to theme as well demonstrated in the story was the final reason why Camp Feenicks was the single best station in Phoenix

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