Phoenix Youth Achievement Research Paper

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The Phoenix Youth Achievement Program The Phoenix Youth Achievement Program is long term program that provides low income Phoenix Hispanic youth the opportunity and support they need so they are able to obtain a high quality education that will allow them to achieve college and career goals in their future as well as be provided with the opportunity to embrace their home culture, language and country. The Phoenix Youth Achievement program will provide the support, resources, tools, opportunities, networking, and academic experiences from pre-kindergarten to their senior year that will allow the student to achieve a quality education. The PYAP will also help the students prepare for their college and career goals. In addition to helping achieve…show more content…
This program will also address and stop providing a foundation in our education system where we push the Hispanic population away from their culture and allow our schools to practice the de-Mexicanization process. (Valenzuela, 2005). It is important that we embrace all cultures to support and encourage diversity and find ways to better our education system. The need for this program is crucial, Patricia Gandara explains in her article, Special Topic/The Latino Education Crisis, that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority in the United States and educational youth population but are the most poorly educated of all the main racial groups in the United States. (Gandara, 2010). She also explains in her article that the US Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2021 one in four students in the United States will be of Hispanic descent. (Gandara, 2010). An article from the Pew Research Center written by Mark Lopez, explains
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