Phone Script For Speaking Interview

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Phone Script for Speaking Interview (with sample elicitation)
Hello. This is (Name of Tester) from Global LT. Am I speaking with (Name of Testee)?
I am calling to complete your Oral Language Proficiency Assessment. We will be recording this call for scoring purposes. Is that fine?
Before we get started, I will ask you a few questions to get started speaking in (Target Language). This is not part of the test. (Choose a few questions as a warm-up. The number of questions will depend on the learner’s responses; length, ease, comfort)
• How are you today?
• Tell me where you are.
• How is the weather there today?
• Tell me a little bit about yourself.
• Tell me a little bit about your job.
• Tell me about your city or community.
• What do you like to do in your free time?

I am going to play a prompt for you now. The prompt will be in (native language). After listening to the prompt please respond with your answer in English.
Your company is participating in a trade show next month. Write an email invitation to your company investors to visit and learn about your company’s different divisions. List and then describe their products. Give as many details as you can.

At Level A1: The speaker lists the company’s division names and may/may not be able to say the employee category that works in each division. The learner can produce words but no sentences, and the learner fails to produce a description of each/any division.
Example: (Sales – Sales people, sales director,…

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