Phones And Internet's Impact On The Devices Of Teenagers And Children

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Our phones and internet have definitely turned our society upside down. They’ve been come so addictive to the point where most people say they can’t live without them. Whether you want to text your friend to find out what she’s wearing today or find out what the homework was because you forgot to copy it down. While phones have made communication so much easier this may lead to a dangerous situation where you find yourself chatting with an anonymous user who might be a predator. Harlan Coben a New York Times bestseller author of fiction novels, warns parents that this might be their child’s fate and doesn’t want you finding your child in this situation. In the article “The Undercover parent” Coben suggests that parents should monitor their kid’s device and internet activity. With the technology we have today a spyware should be installed on the devices of teens and children With the technology we have today anyone can access the internet whether you’re young or old. Teens have access to apps that allow them to talk to strangers like; Tinder, Kik, Instagram and Snapchat. All these apps have one thing in common, they allow teens to talk to anyone online even random strangers. Coben mentions an example of an online experience gone wrong “The young boy unknowingly conversing with a pedophile...”(1) People online might act very young to get teens to open up to them and get comfortable but in reality they might be as old as their dad or even older. Some teens that use these apps

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