Phong Van Khuat Family

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I am from Vietnam, so I cannot use the website “” to get more information about my ancestor. My paternal and maternal grandparents have passed away. Therefore, I can only ask my parents. My maternal grandfather is Phong Van Khuat. He was born in 1931. My maternal grandmother is Hien Thi Nguyen and she was born in 1933. They are both from North Vietnam. My mother said her Khuat family is very special. As she knows, there was a village in the formerly Son Tay province in South Vietnam where people with surname “Khuat” have been living for a long time. We don’t know where their ancestors had been moved from before they settled in that village. However, the people with surname “Khuat” in Vietnam have the same ancestors for sure. Later…show more content…
My mom and her brothers and sisters could not go to school or find a good job. Working for the former government in the past was considered to be a criminal act. Anyone had been involved with the former government was discriminated during that time. My grandfather had survived from the reeducation camp and came back to his family after 5 years. In 1985, my grandmother has passed away after many years working too hard to raise her children. Later on, my grandfather lived with his oldest son’s family. He had a feudal view of male preference. When his oldest son started to not get along very well with other sisters and brother, he kept my grandfather from seeing them. My grandfather agreed with him and stop seeing his daughters and youngest son for a long time.
I did not have a good relationship with my paternal and maternal grandparents. My paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother have had passed away before I was born. Both of my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather had a feudal view of male preferences. So they do not have a good relationship with my mother and with me as well. The view of male preferences have such huge impact on the family that it might break up the family. I have had witnessed many arguments in my family as a result of that. Fortunately, my parents still stay together until now. They got through all of those problems.
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