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10. Coco Photo 1 (Photo Courtesy of IMP Awards Via Ten30 Studios) Pixar is back at it again! Pixar’s Coco was their nineteenth feature film about a young boy and his journey with music. Miguel wants to become a professional musician, but he encounters a barrier, his ancestor’s ban on music. In order to overcome this barrier, he winds up in the land of the dead where he meets a trickster named Héctor. Together, the pair takes a magnificent journey in order for Miguel to find the reason behind his family’s ban on music. 9. Dunkirk Photo 2 (Photo Courtesy of IMP Awards via Works ADV) In May of 1942, Germany was advancing into France, which trapped a group of allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. With the help of the British and French, the…show more content…
For the first time in ages, the entire team has gotten a taste of normal life. The team faces an unanticipated surprise when a strange new criminal mastermind named Cipher tricks Dom into betraying the team. Now, the team must collaborate with each other for the final time in order to stop Cipher and save their friend. 3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Photo 8 (Photo Courtesy of IPM Awards via BLT Communications, LLC) Peter Quill and his team of Guardians are hired by one of the most powerful races in the Galaxy, the Sovereign. The Guardians job was to protect the Sovereign’s batteries, but when one of the Guardians stole a few of the batteries, the whole Sovereign space brigade was sent after them. During the Guardians daring escape, Quill’s family lineage is revealed to him and the Guardians. 2. Beauty and the Beast Photo 9 (Photo Courtesy of IPM Awards via BLT Communications, LLC) A nice, beautiful, free spirited young girl named Bella is captured by the beast and sent to live in the castle. Though frightened, Bella finds a way to make friends with the castles staff members and learns to look past the monster that is the beast and see the kind-hearted prince that is hidden
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