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Time Photo Descriptive Essay The sweeping vista stretches out before me, offering a delightful study in contrasts, mountain, lake, sky, and desert, a feast for the eyes and soul. Not just the stark beauty, I feel the serenity and isolation of this place. Time seems frozen as I look out over this sun-drenched panorama that stretches for miles. My perch atop the sand dunes is nearly perfect for drinking it all in. The tranquility is almost palpable, like a hug. This impression is heightened by the warm desert air that embraces my skin. There is no wind to disturb the surface of the shimmering turquoise lake, busying itself with reflecting brilliant desert sunlight. The lake's edges nestle against buff-colored sandy shores. How smart was Nature to choose this sumptuous pallet for this time and place, muted beige and stunning aquamarine, to place them side-by-side in this solitary landscape with a faithful mountain standing guard nearby? I wonder about the water's temperature. If I dip in my hand, will the water be cool and invigorating? Or warm and welcoming instead? I wonder about the water's journey that brought it to rest in this lake. Did this liquid jewel start out as snow high atop the distant Andes peaks, to end up here refreshing the silent desert floor? The early afternoon sunlight bounces off the sun-dappled lake surface. Beyond the lake's distant shore, a chocolate-colored mountain rises from the desert floor pushing its powdered sugared peaks into the cobalt sky.
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