Photo Enforced-Red Light Camera Controversy Essay

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Red Light Cameras, Is their Only Purpose For Revenue? by Maria Protine CM223-06AU Instructor Ream February 15, 2010 The debate over whether red light cameras are effective or not can cause a great divide among any group of people. Proponents of the cameras say that they are effective in reducing accidents and those against them are adamant that they are only in place to increase revenues for local law enforcement. This paper will bring forth facts that indicate that red light cameras are in place to make communities money and not for reducing…show more content…
Rispo interviewed professor and chair of health policy and management of University of South Florida College of Public Health who said, "The rigorous studies clearly show red-light cameras don't work, instead they increase crashes and injuries as drivers attempt to abruptly stop at camera intersections." (Rispo, 2009) Many drivers who slam on their brakes to avoid the red light cameras have other drivers behind them who are not anticipating the abrupt stop and who may be following too closely, thus resulting in a rear end collision. Revenues generated from red light tickets is staggering. A web article written by MSNBC gives these examples: Albany Oregon, population 48,000, issued 1,119 red light tickets for $77,200 in 2008. St. Peters Missouri, population 55,000, 3,203 red light tickets for $235,973. The city issued 14,836 traffic tickets in 2006, but the number jumped to 21,745 in 2008, the first full year with the cameras. (MSNBC, 2009) Los Angeles made over $4 million in red light violation fines in 2008. (Goldstein, 2009) The Chief of police in Clive Iowa, a Des Moines suburb, says, "With the number of calls for service our city generates, we can't devote that much time to red-light enforcement," Cox said. "We were missing a lot of violations." (MSNBC, 2009) Perhaps it is the revenue they are missing that prompted the cameras. When one city sees another making lots of

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