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Recently there have been a number of states passing legislation requiring photo identification at the voter polls. Currently thirty-four states have passed photo identification legislation. There are two forms of photo identification, non-strict and strict. Strict photo identification is when voters that do not have proper photo identification at the polls have to show their proper identification at a different time in order for their provisional ballot to count. Non-strict photo identification is when voters that do not have proper photo identification at the polls cast a provisional ballot that would be counted in a close election without the voter having to do additional tasks. Controversy surrounds the photo identification legislations…show more content…
Voter fraud is not acceptable for elections or the democratic system. Supporters of this legislation believe that showing photo identification would be solution to eliminate the voter fraud.
Supporters of the photo identification legislation claim that the variations in the photo identification legislation help voters that may not have proper identification. The photo identification legislation is not all the same. As mentioned earlier there are some states that have strict legislation and some states that have non-strict legislation.
The variation in the photo identification legislation helps some voters that do not have the proper identification to still vote. For example, in states that have non-strict identification voters can cast a provisionary ballot that will be counted in the event of a close election. Supports of the legislation use these variations in the enforcement to help fight against the opponents. Supporters say that this legislation allows for variation and opportunities for citizens to get the proper identification before Election Day. Supporters believe that this legislation will not decrease voter turnout as a result. On the other side of controversy surrounding the photo identification legislation are people against photo identification. The main reason for the lack of support has to do with voter turnout. Low voter turnout is already an upstanding problem with the Election and voting process. Low vote turnout results in elected officials being

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