Photo Manipulation

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The ethics of digital photo manipulation is more important because the abuses are all the more rampant, whether it's making Sarkozy look as good as Obama does on vacation (as Paris Match did when it airbrushed Sarko's love handles until they disappeared) or Prada smoothing the skin of models' legs so they appear plastic or waxen in ads, like a mannequin's. One could argue that the same should be the case for fashion photographs: No alternation beyond cropping, sharpening and a few basic saturation and contrast adjustments. How can we believe anything we see anymore? With today's technology, we can literally do anything we want with images. In the example see above, we have changed the red color of M8, the Lagoon Nebula, whose main…show more content…
We start out with nature. We can only observe it intimately with our own senses. Some might argue that a perfect experience can only be a first person experience. But if we find something interesting or beautiful, we may want to share something of that experience with others. What is important is our motivation. Why are we doing these things? Are we doing them to deceive people? No, most of us are not. We are doing it to make the subject more visually interesting. We are simply trying to make it a better picture. Just as a writer enhances his factual stories with metaphor and adjectives, photographers can enhance their images with digital techniques such as contrast and color
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