Photocopier Case Study

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Executive Summary To: Jim Hunking, General Manager - XYZ, London From: Linda McGuire, Purchasing Manager - XYZ, London Subject: Photocopier Contract at Head Office Issue: As you know, this contract renewal process has taken about 11 months, without a clear conclusion yet. I have analyzed the work done thus and would like to propose the following as our new Problem Statement for this requirement. " XYZ Canada must find the best overall solution to its ' document management requirements; optimizing costs, technology, process efficiency and customer support capability." We considered various other options to conclude this assignment, as follows: * Issuing an RFQ * Hiring an external Consultant * In-source or out-source more document…show more content…
Analysis: Strengths - Cost efficient operations, useful in placing major efforts into marketing and product quality. Weaknesses - Too much emphasis on cost control can limit opportunities realized from investing in new processes and capital. Opportunities -Excellent marketing and quality products maintain competitive advantages. Threats - Internal inefficiencies could erode customer relationships and give benefits to competition. Qualitative - *Bidders weren 't all given the same details or information, as well as adding bidders along the way. - There doesn 't appear to be any planned approach or method involved by Purchasing, neither a competitive bidding process or negotiation. Aside from being non-compliant with Canadian Tendering Laws, it 's just plain sloppy purchasing. There 's no way to compare proposals equally, nor eventually justify any selection. *Internal Needs & Usage Survey - A great deal of useful information came out with this study. It demonstrated a lot of "muda"/waste in their document handling processes. This was clearly an opportunity to improve efficiencies and costs ! *KPMG Tax Report - This was great timing, in that it gave a very big "con" to any suggestion for "insourcing" even more of their document processing. The extra costs and
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