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Critically reflect on the positives and/or negatives of ethnic residential concentration as perceptible within specific landscapes in Sydney.
Cabramatta is a suburb located in south-west Sydney, New South Wales and is part of the City of Fairfield government area. The largest Vietnamese community in Australia is found in Cabramatta (source). According to the 2011 Census of Population and Housing of Cabramatta conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (footnote), of the 22,676 total responses, 6,330 people listed their heritage as being Vietnamese, with only 29 stating that both parents were born in Australia. These numbers are also comparable with the total population in Cabramatta of those of Chinese background
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This has been developed to include ethnic iconography; symbols and design to reflect the ethnicity of the precinct, a public spatial form of the commodification of ethnicity. This benefits Vietnamese, especially those with little or no English skill, by providing them with familiarity of culture in an easily accessible form.
This English barrier in regards to employment is also benefited by the ethnic residential concentration within Cabramatta. Fellow community members can provide job opportunities that suit migrant or non-English speaking workers in workplaces that also speak that language, including local shops and warehouses. See Figure 3 below- the delivery driver in this photo speaks Vietnamese and has poor English skills. He works for his Vietnamese cousin and delivers to Vietnamese store holders. This reveals that the ethnic residential concentration in Cabramatta has created a job opportunity where there otherwise may have not have been in other areas for someone with such poor English skills.

Figure 3. Kee Kee Roum grocery, transect line walked on Broomfield Street, Cabramatta, 3rd October, 2012. The focus is on the Vietnamese delivery man, right middle distance.
Source: 1/125 f/3.4 5mm/Canon Power Shot SX200 IS/ S.A
Another positive of the ethnic residential concentration in Cabramatta are the cultural and language
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