Photographic Photography : Photography As A Movement

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Early Landscape photography used the same principles as painters in order to create pieces of art. Before the 18th Century, artists used landscapes as backdrops and as a frame for the principal subject. Towards the later part of the century, however, artists such as Nicolas Poussin started to romanticize the environment, instead using it as a principle subject in paintings.

Initially the medium of photography was used to document the environment.

After a steady progression, pictorial photography as a movement emerged. Pictorial photographers believed that their field is more than just an objective, mechanical media. Photography was not just about capturing the documentation and information contained by an image, but rather, about the effect and the mood they translate. The images began to have meaning and a reason for their capture, completely transforming the images produced.

Photographical equipment at this pictorial was still primitive and many photographers felt that their lens’ recorded too much detail. Photographers started to employ different techniques to soften their images, their main goal was to create images that looked more abstract and with similar characteristics to paintings. This movement then transformed into naturalism where it was encouraged to treat photography as an independent art form. There was a belief that photography should be used to communicate something personal, and that the environment would be used as an inspiration.

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