Photography And The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History

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1. Introduction I chose this article for the sole reason that I am a photographer so when I read that we could choose the topic of our paper I wanted to find out how photography and sociology can relate more to each other and what types of articles there are on the library website that I can read to get more of and understanding for how sociology and photography go hand in hand with each other. Therefore, obviously, the main topic is Sociology in Photography and how to build solidarity with subjects and the audience. I also found this to be an interesting topic because just last night I went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History where I got to hear 6 of 11 women photographers from National Geographic speak about their work and they talked a lot about like understanding their subjects and how to build solidarity with their subjects before they photographed them and how to find a way to show the subject to the audience. It was a really wonderful experience to not only look at their works but to also hear them speak and I think that this journal I choose really relates to that which is another good reason I choose it. The research questions being answered within this article are ‘how to build solidarity with your subject’, ‘how to build solidarity with your audience’, ‘how to connect local and global issues with audience’ and ‘how to build an audience network.’ 2. Method From reading this article and then reviewing the reference section of the article, I strongly

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