Photography As A Pioneer For The Digital Image

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The Digital Image is relatively new in the large scheme of things, with the advancement of technology also came the evolution of this medium. The first instance of digital imaging came with the invention of the camera. Photography as we know it today is usually considered to have begun in 1839 when Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre released the Daguerreotype image. Photography would remain from this point a relatively expensive and crude medium that would slowly progress through the years. In 1877 Eadweard Muybridge created a fast shutter that was capable of capturing motion. This in itself was iconic and Eadweard would later be considered a pioneer for the digital image due to his work on locomotion (famously the galloping horse). Photography…show more content…
Expressive type is essentially a method of design where text is used to create some kind of image. As shown in the references, there is a finished piece of work for this task, the poster uses type to create the character Tyrion from the TV show Game of Thrones. The type in the poster is actually a quote from the character and is formed in a way to shape the characters stance from an iconic moment for him. The development of this poster involved using a previously created illustration of the character and mixing it with typography. The original image was placed into the Adobe Illustrator software as it provided a lot of tools for type. The text was then written out and reshaped to form the body of the character. The typeface was selected carefully as it was meant to match the minimalistic style of the previous illustration, therefore the typeface was sans serif. After this part of the development was complete, the image was moved into Photoshop where the colour from the image would be given to the text. A few basic finishing touches were given by adding blocks of colour near certain letters to help bring the shape of the character out. Every typeface we see, be it a street sign or a billboard has likely been carefully planned out to provoke certain thoughts and feelings into the reader. Before looking into the design side of typography it is important to understand the history. Way back in the 1400’s the standard was handwritten type, this was obviously very time

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